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Be On our Next Mailer and 20,000+ Local Residents Will See Your Ad

Welcome Small Business Owners

Are you struggling with finding and attracting new customers for your local business?

Imagine what it would be like to go to each and every residence in your local community?
All in one day…

To knock on every door and hand them an ad telling them all about you business
and any special offers you are featuring that month.

That would be truly amazing   —   Don’t you Think?

Introducing…  the SalesHawks GIANT 9″x12″ (yes, that is correct, a full size 9″x12″ postcard)
Community Billboard Postcard That OUTPERFORMS Any Other Media.

Take a look at this arial image showing a small portion of one of your local neighborhoods.

There are thousands of valuable new customer prospects in these neighborhoods in your community who could quickly become your customers.  All you have to do to accomplish this is to get your information and offers directly into their hands.