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Be On our Next Mailer and 20,000+ Local Residents Will See Your Ad

Welcome Small Business Owners

Are you struggling with finding and attracting new customers or employees or your local business?

Imagine what it would be like to go to each and every residence or business in your local community?

All in one day…

To knock on every door and hand them an ad telling them all about your business
and any special offers you are featuring that month.

That would be truly amazing   —   Don’t you Think?

GIANT 9″x12″ Community Billboard Postcard

Introducing…  the SalesHawks GIANT 9″x12″ (yes, that is correct, a full size 9″x12″ postcard)
Community Billboard Postcard That OUTPERFORMS Any Other Media.

Take a look at this aerial image showing a small portion of one of your local neighborhoods.

There are thousands of valuable new customer or employee prospects in these neighborhoods in your community who could quickly become your customers or new employee.  All you have to do to accomplish this is to get your information and offers directly into their hands.

SEO, PPC, TV, Radio, Billboard, Mobile, Word of mouth, and even a flying blimp over the city won’t even come close to reaching as many local prospects as we do.

Frankly, no other medium on this planet can, so quickly, place your business in front of entire neighborhoods in your local community like our GIANT 9″x12″ Community Billboard Postcard can.

Here Is What We're Doing

  • SalesHawks is mailing our Community Postcard monthly to approximately 10,000 residences and businesses in your community and surrounding area.  this GIANT Community Postcard will blanket each house and business in every desirable neighborhood.
  • That means practically 100% of the residential and business consumers or potential new employees in your entire community would get our GIANT Community Postcard placed in their hands with your business info and offer on it.

That’s as close as you can get to walking up the sidewalk and handing it to them…  without actually being there yourself.  Good old USPS will do the walking.  and the entire community will get your ad at the same time.

The huge savings are the result of splitting up the massive card up into different ad spaces, featuring three different sizes, and spreading the cost between all the advertisers.

Instead of spending a fortune to advertise your services, brand, seeking new employees, or your special offers, simply “ride along” with our GIANT Community Postcard mailer for only pennies per card.

Best of all, there's exclusivity for your business on this card.

We don’t allow competitors from the same type of business on the same side of our GIANT Community Postcard mailer.  So,  join our Community Mailer today and reserve a spot on the next campaign before your competitor does.


This Postcard itself is Huge and Unique

No techinical knowledge required

Everything is offline.  All activity with our postcard is a personal and direct experience that doesn’t require any clicking, typing, opting-in, subscribing, or signing up.

The only technical expertise you need is the ability to answer your phone, or maybe recieve a text, or answer an email when your new customer or employee starts responding to your ads.  And, of course, the ability to sell your service.

  • The 9″x12″ postcard is the maximum size the post office will deliver without requiring it to be folded.  Your postcard will look like the USPS stuck a small billboard in their mailbox.
  • An infinite shelf life allows the recipient to store the card and use its offerings and info at a time more convenient to them.
  • A 16pt thickness coated with UV gloss on both sides makes it different from any other piece of mail.  Double UV coating is NOT allowed on any other piece of mail except through our system.
  • It’s packed full of valuable offers and info on everyday services from various local small businesses in the community, separating it from junk mail that just gets tossed.

Here is the best part... The BIG Savings vs other media.

Compare the cost of all the online platforms and channels you’re using right now trying to find and attract new prospects or new employes to the price of our SaleHawks GIANT Community Postcards.  I’m sure you’ll be astonished.  Take a minute to run the numbers.

Even doing a traditional mailing using a full letter size postcard, you’d be paying over $1 per postcard. in printing / postage / addressing / mailing.  Postage alone would be 89¢ each.

To do a 10,000 piece mailing comparable to our GIANT Community Postcard, it would cost well over $10,000.  WOW!   With our postcard it’s affordable for EVERYONE.

Where else could anyone possibly put a coupon, ad, or solicitation for employees directly into the hands of valuable new prospects at every physical address and business in your entire local community starting at less than 4¢ each?  YES…  That’s less than 4¢ each.  And the high-end double size ad is just over 7¢ each.

That means for starting under $400 you can get your advertising, coupon, or employment ad into about 10,000 homes and businesses (virtually 100%) in your community and do it every month.

That’s unbelievable… Don’t you agree?

And because our GIANT Community Postcard costs a tiny fraction of other ad mediums, we open up HUGE ad opportunities to small businesses that they otherwise would never get the chance to reach the number of new customer or new employee our postcard presents.

So while your competition continues to use expensive advertising and time-consuming social media trying to attract prospects or new employees, you can be slipping your coupons or ads into every single residence and business in your community for less than 4¢ each.

Is this card more effective than catalogs like ValPak?

When a ValPak catalog or coupon book arrives, your prospects or potential new employees generally toss them out.  Experience has taught them there is just nothing compelling about the mailer.

Most of the ads never get seen because the recipients have to turn to say…  page 47, to see your ad or coupon.  Who is really going to do that for the entire book?

The SalesHawks GIANT Community Postcard, however, has beautiful compelling ads on two sides, making it easy and attractive to look at each ad quickly and react to your call to action.

How do you get on our GIANT 9″x12″ Billboard Community Postcard?

Step #1…   Call SalesHawks (360) 437-6888 or email [email protected]

We will personally walk you through our entire, very simple, process.

Step #2…   Craft the Right Message and Design.  The Message – The offer is everything!

  • The most important decision to make is what message you want to present to your potential customers on your GIANT Billboard Community Postcard ad.  What compelling offer or information do you feel will bring them to you after they read it?
  • We will be working directly with you to supply ideas and suggestions, if needed, to finalize your ideal message and graphic.

Step #3…   The Design

There are two ways to craft your design.

  1. If you already have a design, you can send it by email to [email protected]
  2. You can use our extensive gallery guide to select a template that fits your business.

After you choose the template you want, SalesHawks will take your message content and ad design submittal and meld it into an incredible ad that will attract new prospective customers or employees and drive them right to your door.

This is basically building a custom ad for your business, a service for which we usually charge $50.00.  As a first time customer, we’ll wave the cost.  Then:

  • Prior to publication of your incredible ad, we will supply with a proof.
  • If you see any changes or tweks yo want to make, we allow (1) re-design an no charge.  Each re-design after that is $50.00.  We’ve never had to make that charge.
  • Approval or re-design requests, due to printing and scheduling deadlines, must be back to us within 24 hours.

Your very attractive, very effective, and very affordable ad will soon be in the hands of thousands of your local buyers and they will be reading the compelling ad You’ve created.

SalesHawks has basically done it all for you.  Design, Print, and Mailing.

Theere is no advertising medium that can give your business exposure to basically every household and business (approximately 10,000) in your local community that’s easier, simpler, more effective, and less expensive than SalesHawks’ GIANT 9″x12″ Community Mailer Postcard. 


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